My name is Heather Tabers. I’m a homeschooling mama of 5, wife of a wounded warrior, tribe member, ministry partner, writer, historical fiction reader, lover of British television, lupus warrior, cancer mama, and avid communicator (ok, texter and FB messager) who also enjoys feeding people, taking naps, and loving on others.

After 20 years of trying to juggle several areas of ministry and life at once, God showed me that juggling means something is up in the air while something else is being held and that is not at all God’s intention for us. What God wants is for us to build rooms of treasure (as stated in Proverbs 24:3-4) and for those rooms to all be built on a solid foundation- Him.

When we are intentional about the rooms we build, God imparts His wisdom so that we can knowingly and skillfully build rooms of rare and beautiful treasure.

Join me as we go room to room, digging through our building materials, decluttering the messes in our lives, removing items that are just taking up space, searching for the rare and beautiful so we can make our homes a treasure trove of God’s glory.